Ozone Therapy

How Often Can You Do Ozone Therapy?

Finding the right treatment for arthritis can be a difficult proposition. After all, this condition is currently the leading cause of both pain and disability throughout the world, so after your diagnosis, living your best life has to start with the perfect treatment. Many today are turning to ozone therapy to help with the condition, and it’s showing promise for lots of patients. 

What Is Ozone Therapy for Arthritis?

Ozone therapy is a way to inject ozone into your body. Sometimes called autohemotherapy, doctors use ozone, a naturally occurring gas, and mix it with your own blood. It is then reinjected into your body in an attempt to help your body better deal with the symptoms of arthritis. 

Ozone Therapy Benefits You May Want to Consider

There are many benefits involved in ozone therapy for arthritis. First, it can help improve the amount of oxygen in your body’s tissues because your cells have an increased capacity to move oxygen from place to place. More than that, though, it helps to modulate your immune system. That may mean that you have more ability to fight off problem conditions that could irritate your arthritis and increase the levels of inflammation in your body. 

Ozone therapy also has antibacterial properties. It could fully resolve many problems that don’t respond to antibiotic treatments, which is a must in patients with arthritis. It’s even possible to reverse damaged tissue thanks to this treatment option. That could mean increased joint mobility. Maybe most importantly, though, ozone therapy means fighting the chronic inflammation that is so common with arthritis. It increases the activity of enzymes in your body, which may help to stop the inflammation at the source.  

This list is far from all of the benefits involved in ozone therapy. In fact, new scientific studies are being done on a regular basis to explore the power ozone therapy might have for arthritis patients and patients dealing with other chronic conditions. 

Treatment Frequency

For most patients, ozone therapy follows a course of six to ten treatments. Typically, you’ll see an improvement in your condition within the first three or four treatments. Once your course of treatments is complete, if you’ve noticed a real difference, you may want to chat with your doctor to continue treatments on a regular basis to remain healthy and pain free.

If you’re interested in ozone therapy for arthritis or you’d like to learn more about other arthritis treatments available today, please contact us to make an appointment.


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