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What Are Some Fun Activities for Seniors?

Life doesn’t end after sixty – and you know that better than most! Seniors are often among the most active members of their communities. They are vital members of political organizations, leisure activity groups, churches, charity organizations, and other social groups. Seniors are valuable members of their communities and bring a great deal of experience and wisdom when participating in social activities, especially those involving younger generations. There are many fun activities for seniors and you may enjoy being more involved with your peers. There may even be a senior center nearby where you can enjoy your time and meet some great new people. 

Keeping busy with fun activities for seniors is a proven way to keep healthy both physically and mentally. If you are someone who can go to a senior center nearby you can find out about things like exercise classes, community meetings, and maker spaces. Often senior centers will also facilitate intergenerational collaborations so you can spend time with people of all ages. Sometimes it can be a breath of fresh air to see young people! Some people even think it keeps you young yourself! Check for a senior center nearby that offers programs such as visits from preschools or young people to senior centers. These types of activities are not only fun for seniors but fun for the young people as well! 

Volunteer in Your Community

If you have ever been to a town hall meeting or voted on an election day you will have noticed how active the seniors are when it comes to civic engagement! Seniors are more likely to volunteer at polling places because they may be retired and find themselves available and interested in participating. Your local senior center may have information for you if you’re interested in getting more involved in civic, political, or social efforts. Your life experience can be beneficial to your community so you may want to think about getting more involved!

Get Out and Garden

So many seniors say that gardening is one of the most important and fun activities they have. Gardening is terrific for your health. It gets you outside, keeps you moving and active, and if you grow vegetables it also gives you access to fresh, healthy food! Whether you grow tomatoes or petunias gardening can be very relaxing and healing. It’s also a fun activity for seniors that can be enjoyed regardless of where you live. 

You’ll have to look for plants that do well in your growing zone (nobody wants to start a garden and not see anything grow!). You don’t need a large patch of earth for gardening either. You can start a small container garden on your patio, or even have a window box in your kitchen for fresh herbs like basil. The simple act of getting your hands in the dirt may improve your mood and your health! It is also a fantastic way to spend your time because there are so many options and so many ways to garden. 

There is no right or wrong. Sure, some plants need certain care, but you can read about that online or borrow a gardening book from your local library, but the important thing is you can cultivate a garden that is as unique as you are! Gardening with others can be extremely rewarding too, and a great way to stay socially active. You can find gardening groups and even join community gardens – just check to see if these programs are offered at a senior center nearby.

Be a Lifelong Learner

Many seniors who themselves retired from a lifelong career in one field or another may feel ready to expand their knowledge base and branch out and learn new things. Finally having the time to learn about the things you are curious about and have always wanted to explore. Staying curious and continuing your learning is wonderful for your health! Whether you want to learn a new language, study horticulture, or take a class on meditation you will be well served to investigate the resources available to you through senior centers and other programs specifically for seniors. 

Many colleges and universities have programs for seniors to take classes and engage in continuing education. If taking a class sounds too demanding for you they may have other programs where you can take advantage of one-time lectures, visiting authors, museum exhibits, and much more. 

Spend Time with Animals

Studies have shown that spending time with pets can be very beneficial to our health. Animals can have a very calming effect on people. They can also be exciting and entertaining to be around! Regardless of your physical condition it is possible to get these benefits from spending time with animals. Many senior centers will host therapy dogs on a regular basis. A trainer or owner will bring a very well trained pet into your senior center and you are able to spend time petting the animals. 

Just being around a pet can be fun (unless you are allergic to them!). You may also want to volunteer at a local animal rescue or shelter where you can spend time with cats and dogs who would love the extra attention. This is truly a mutually beneficial arrangement!

Participate in the Arts

Whether your passion is handicrafts, musical theater, or dance, art is a great way to enjoy yourself! Some senior centers will provide art classes and organize group trips to museums and the theater. Art is inspiring and keeps our minds active and engaged. Enjoying visual art and performance art with other people or alone can be a fantastic way to reduce stress and relax. Perhaps you are even taking a more active role in the arts? Are you a writer who has always wanted to write a play? Did you take voice lessons as a child and now you want to join a choir? 

All of these are fun and rewarding activities for seniors that can often be found through your nearby senior center. Many artists will also come to senior centers to perform!

There is an endless variety of fun activities for seniors. Pick one – or better yet, try new ones each week or month! See what a difference it makes in your health, wellbeing, mood, and energy levels.

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