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The Importance of Wellness

Wellness is so much more than health. Instead, it’s an active choice that means the right physical, social, intellectual, and emotional activities to stimulate your body. When you surround yourself with options that help make you part of a community built around wellness, you’re more likely to feel great every day.

In fact, working with a wellness program like ours means a number of benefits. It not only improves the quality of your life, but it can also boost your cognitive function and even enhance your emotional health.

A MacArthur Foundation study more than half of all common symptoms of aging, both physical and mental, were determined by lifestyle choices. Those findings have been replicated in many other studies. Those who have a positive outlook on life live 7.5 years longer.

Those who are physically and cognitively active are less likely to have heart disease. Those with an active social life have greater immunity to infectious disease and less risk of depression. The benefits are nearly endless.

Is wellness your priority? It is when you choose Cano Health.

Dominoes/Board Games

Proper wellness is more than physical.

After all, to be our best, we need to be healthy in mind and body.

And while mental wellness is no game, we like to use games to make it more fun. Meet people. Stay active. Be engaged. Our simple games will leave you feeling sharp and happy.

Education Courses

Knowledge is power. So is wellness.

And knowing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle should be part of your everyday activities.

But how do you know what to eat, how to stay fit, and other healthy habits? We help you learn the important lessons to maintain a healthy life.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is medicine for the soul?

Imagine, then, how helpful it is when combined with yoga! Relax, feel better, and laugh a little in these fun, comfortable yoga sessions.

Music & Dancing

Our music and dancing programs are just the medicine!

Staying fit and active doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

So whether you’re Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, or just someone who likes to practice a little salsa, check out our music and dancing programs.

Nutrition Courses

You are what you eat.

Knowing what, how, and when to eat seems complex…until you learn? Then it becomes second nature.

You can’t imagine how good it feels to eat right every day. Reduce your cravings for the bad stuff. Improve your diet – and the healthy eating of your loved ones.

Silver Sneakers

Lace-up your shoes and get ready to move!

Staying fit means staying healthy. We offer age-appropriate activities that are sure to get you on your way to fitness.


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