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How to Choose the Best Senior Medical Center?

As we confront the realities of aging, we tend to focus on eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, making sure we get enough exercise, and countering diminishing vision, hearing, and overall vitality. But we need to be even more proactive by monitoring and managing age-related conditions. Americans are living longer, but that does not necessarily mean they are living healthier lives. To ensure that you do, and that your quality of life does not diminish (and even increases!), it is essential that you find a senior medical center

Why Choose a Senior Medical Center?

Choosing a senior medical center is important because they have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to this population. We may feel like we’re in our 20s and 30s when we’re having a good day or after a nice, brisk walk – but our bodies have a way of reminding us of our age! 

Everyday aches and pains and certain conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cataracts, osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are much more prevalent in folks in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. 

Providers that specialize in senior health understand our needs on an in-depth level. They know what type of symptoms can be ascribed to age and what should be looked at in more detail. They know more about our capability and capacity – and they can offer appropriate advice on senior wellness, disease prevention and management, and living life to the fullest. 

Qualities to Look for In a Senior Medical Center 

When choosing your senior healthcare team, look for a medical center that is:

  1. Patient-Centered 

Visiting a doctor who seems disengaged or uninterested is not only frustrating, it can make us less likely to seek medical help when we need it. Choose a medical center that focuses on your well-being, on you. They should treat you like family and with empathy and respect and offer a welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Service Focused 

It can be easy to forget that you are the consumer and the doctor is the provider. It is their responsibility to provide world-class service. This encompasses not only the most comprehensive equipment and treatment options but also convenient, compassionate care.

  1. Results Oriented

While seniors do have conditions that require treatment, your senior healthcare providers should also focus on preventative care and proactive approaches to wellness. From nutrition and physical activity to regular vision and dental care, maintaining and improving quality of life is essential. 

  1. Continually Improving

The best senior medical centers are committed to continual improvement, both in terms of integrating the latest proven treatment methods and techniques, as well as in innovating ways to deliver care more effectively, efficiently, and conveniently. 

  1. Convenient 

For many seniors, accessing quality healthcare can be challenging. This is especially true if you are coping with challenges relating to mobility, transportation, and other circumstances. The right senior medical center can help you overcome these obstacles and access the area you need. Look for:

    • Convenient locations. Cano Health has multiple centers throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, Orlando, and Tampa to best meet your needs.
    • Convenient hours. We offer early morning and evening appointments, as well as openings on Saturdays.
    • Complimentary transportation. If you do not have a way to get to the doctor, let them come to you! Cano Health will send a friendly driver to pick you up in a specialized vehicle, take you to your location, and then bring you back home. Transportation should not be a barrier to healthcare. We’ll also deliver your prescriptions free of charge.
    • Multiple services. Many of our centers provide medical and wellness services, as well as senior care pharmacy, dental, vision, and population health services – all in one convenient location. 
    • Online appointment scheduling. We have an easy, convenient online form that allows you to schedule appointments. But you are always welcome to call one of our friendly representatives for assistance.
    • Population health programs. Cano Health offers patient-centric programs, such as Cano at Home, telehealth, and specific care programs (e.g. high risk and complex care, diabetes management, COPD management, etc.). 
  1. Affordability 

Affordability is another significant barrier to healthcare, particularly for older people. American seniors withdrew an estimated $22 billion from their savings to pay for healthcare in the last year. This puts them at great risk for financial difficulties, and many do not have sufficient savings from which to pull. 

Medicare and Medicaid are literally lifelines for seniors. Cano Health is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services five-star quality rated provider. This rates the quality of our services in terms of screening tests and vaccines, chronic condition management, and member experience. 

We believe our patients deserve the best, and our representatives are happy to help you navigate the nuances of Medicare and Medicaid, as well as any other insurances that you may have.

Are you looking for a senior medical center that understands your needs and delivers care that is not only industry-leading but compassionate and respectful?

>>> Contact Cano Health at 855.CANOMED (855.226.6633). We are here to ensure your life is as healthy, active, and fulfilling as possible and that you receive the care you need to thrive.


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