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What is the Best Diet For a Healthy Heart?

Over the years, several heart-healthy diets have been developed to help prevent heart disease. Two classic heart-healthy diets include the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, but there are several more alternatives, including the most recent one by Dr. Juan Rivera known as the Mojito diet. While all these diets do differ slightly, they all […]


12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

There are at least 31 million Americans with heart disease and each year close to 650,000 of them die from it. In fact, despite exhaustive research, heart disease still remains the number one killer of people all over the world. But all is not gloom and doom about heart disease. The good news is that, […]


Are These Symptoms Warning Signs of Heart Disease?

On average, about 805,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. Of these, nearly one-quarter have already had one heart attack and the rest have a heart attack for the first time. Heart attacks kill nearly 647,000 people each year. This means every 40 seconds, one American dies from heart disease, making it the number […]


Signs of Heart Problems in Men vs Women

Signs of heart problems in men and women show differently. Of course, heart disease affects both men and women, not only in the USA but globally. The latest data from the American Heart Association reveal that nearly 31 million adults in the U.S. have heart disease.  At least 650,000 (348,000 men and 300,000 women) of […]


Heart Valve Disease Symptoms in the Elderly

The heart has four valves, namely the tricuspid, aortic, mitral, and pulmonary, all of which play an important role in controlling the flow of blood forward and preventing backflow. Each of the valves has leaflets that open and close with each heartbeat. Heart valve disease in the elderly is not uncommon.  Sometimes these valves can […]


10 Possible Signs of Heart Disease

The main reason why many people die after a heart attack is that they do not recognize the first signs of heart disease. What are the signs of heart disease? Often, the symptoms of heart disease are not very specific; they can be confused with other health issues, such as acid reflux, peptic ulcer disease, […]


Should I Worry About My Family History with Heart Disease?

Is heart disease genetic?  Is heart disease hereditary?  It is a fact that many heart disorders are genetic and/or are inherited. These heart disorders include the following: Coronary artery disease (disease of the small blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart) High blood pressure Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms Cardiomyopathies (disease of the heart muscle) […]


Sugar, Caffeine, and Your Heart: What You Need to Know

Sugar is the one ingredient in food that almost everyone likes, and it is abundant in many foods, both naturally and as added sugar. For years, the healthcare community has been focused on cholesterol and triglycerides as being bad for health, and the evidence is mounting that too much sugar is not good for health […]


What are the Signs of Heart Disease?

Close to 31 million Americans have heart disease and each year over 650,000 people die from the disease. Heart disease usually describes a wide range of disorders that can include the following: A disease of blood vessels (an example would be coronary artery disease); these are the small vessels that supply oxygen to the heart. […]


What Foods are Best for My Heart as a Senior?

If you want to have good heart health as a senior, you should focus on eating the right foods to keep your body functioning at its peak.  You can rejoice because the list of heart-healthy foods for seniors is long.  Different options can vary from food, but, ultimately, they all agree on the following as […]

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