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If you’re suffering from pain because of arthritis or other chronic condition, you may want to consult with our Physiotherapy department.

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What is arthritis? 

Arthritis is the process of wear and tear and deterioration of the cartilage that cushions the body’s joints and the discs of the spine. As the years go by, this cartilage wears down until it reaches a point where the bones within the joint rub against each other. That’s when one begins to feel pain and stiffness in the joints and spine.

Arthritis Symptoms
Knee pain and stiffness
Pain and stiffness in the hips and back
Sciatica/leg cramp
Neck pain and stiffness
Cramps in the arms
Shoulder pain and stiffness
Pain and stiffness in the hands and fingers
Carpal Syndrome


Natural Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) heals your body with the use of your own bodies platelets that soothe and improve damaged cartilage on the joints.

Ozone injections are used to oxygenate damaged tissues and stimulate circulation to help deflate painful areas.

Sarapin derives from a natural plant with properties in relieving pain and reducing inflammation of inflamed joints.

Glucosamine is well-known as a supplement taken in pills or liquid to help repair damaged cartilage. We use it in injection form for a more direct result.

Natural Treatments

Our decompression bed gradually separates the vertebrae of the spine and improves arthritis and herniated discs by reducing pressure on pinched nerves and relieving sciatica back pain, leg cramps and neck pain accompanied by arms and shoulder cramping. This is a natural and painless treatment without side effects.

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Why should you consider Cano Health’s Physiotherapy department?

You’ve tried traditional treatments without positive results.
Most doctors and orthopedists recommend traditional treatments for arthritis that only give temporary relief and have side effects.
These may include:

  • Prescriptions to calm pain
  • Exercise to massage therapies
  • Cortisone injections
  • Knee, hip, or spine surgery

We’re innovators in treating pain and arthritis the natural way.
Our groundbreaking treatments are 100% natural and without side effects. We’ve achieved excellent clinical results without the need for pills, cortisone injections and surgery.


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