Rick Sanchez is a Senior Advisor to Cano Health. Rick has assisted Cano Health’s marketing team with creating one of the most successful and unique marketing strategies in the Primary and Managed Health Care arenas. Cano Health continually leads its competitors in enrollment growth by instituting and managing a specialty driven sales approach.

Prior to joining Cano Health, Sanchez spent more than 30 years at CNN, NBC and Fox News as a managing editor, host and national correspondent. In these roles Sanchez frequently visited the White House, interviewing five U.S presidents. He was part of award-winning teams that earned a Peabody, two National Emmys and a distinguished Alfred A. du Pont Award.

Sanchez, born in Cuba and graduate of the University of Minnesota, is an author and social media pioneer cited by the New York Times and Miami Herald for developing the social media platform originated by CNN. In addition to supporting the company’s sales and marketing initiatives, Sanchez serves as a liaison to Cano Health’s HMO payer partners.

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