John Courtney is Chief Operating Officer at Cano Health.

Before joining Cano, John served as head of operations for eBay’s Asia Pacific business, overseeing a team of 5,000 professionals. His responsibilities included the service delivery centers, cross-border payment operations, risk, counterfeit and fraud management, warehouse and supply chain logistics for all domestic/international shipping operations. Prior to this role he was based in London where he oversaw eBay’s third-party partnerships and commercial agreements world-wide.

Before joining eBay in 2009, John was Chief Information Officer for Clayton Holdings. As a member of the executive staff and reporting to the CEO he oversaw software engineering for a suite of products which served the fixed income and asset management market. He was also responsible for the telecom/datacom infrastructure and all the data centers.

John previously served as the Vice President of Corporate Business Applications at Intuit, as well as other roles including oversight for product management, software engineering, data warehouse, analytics, call center, and supply chain systems. Prior to Intuit, John was a founding member and Chief Technology Officer of EmployeeMatters, an HR, benefits and payroll startup acquired by Intuit and integrated into their QuickBooks offering. He also served as Vice President of Operations & Technology at Citibank Investment Services, and First Vice President of Electronic Trading Systems at Waterhouse Securities.

“It’s a privilege and an honor to do be part of this, because it appeals to my sense of running an organization, growing an enterprise as well as seeing firsthand the great impact we are having on patients.”

Cano Health

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