Dr. Marlow Hernandez is the Chief Executive Officer of Cano Health and serves on its Board of Directors. Under Hernandez’s leaadership, Cano Health has become one of the fastest growing and most respected health care companies in Florida abiding by cultural attributes, which stand on the principles of always placing the needs of patients above all else; while striving to create a better and sustainable health care model to improve the lives of all Americans.

Hernandez, began practicing medicine in Pembroke Pines, FL alongside his family’s dental practice. Practicing medicine, running the medical business, while also taking on the task of night and weekend duties at local hospitals, Hernandez became one of the most accomplished medical professionals in the state before reaching the age of 30.

Today, with his degree in medicine, an MBA and a Master’s degree in Public Health, along with two faculty appointments, three board certifications, and fellowship at the American College of Physicians, Hernandez is using his experience to enrich the lives of thousands of patients.

Hernandez is married to his college sweetheart and together they are raising their two children living in Cooper City, FL.