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Our relentless pursuit of a healthier patient population.

Our Population Health Management (PHM) programs deliver improved patient care and outcomes through cost-effective, high-quality programs.

Prediction and Prevention are the key elements for success!

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Our Innovative Analytical and Care Management Platform

At Cano Health, our innovative analytical and care management platform (“CanoPanorama”) is used to identify care opportunities and deliver better outcomes for our patients. In our relentless pursuit of a healthier patient population, we utilize our proprietary population health management platform, CanoPanorama, to improve our patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our Analytical and Financial Platform is designed to utilize both claims and real-time data, to risk stratify our population.

Risk stratified members are identified for Population Health Program participation, and our care management module is utilized for Care Planning intervention and activities through our care management platform.

Care Planning collaboration with our clinical team is done by using our electronic health records platform and primary care documentation platform.

The combined data resources allow our clinical support team to create immediate interventions and better outcomes for our patients.

We’re able to get the right resources, to the right patient, at the right time through our integrated approach to care management.



Sophisticated “high touch” Population Health Management Programs that differentiate and distinguish Cano Health from other providers, including “patient-centric” programs such as:

Cano At Home

Cano at HomeTo demonstrate our commitment to provide the highest quality patient care, Cano Health has implemented a 24×7 medical urgency line as part of our Cano At Home program. Through our Cano At Home program, we provide home visits to existing patients who have medical urgencies. Our team of health care practitioners is also dedicated to providing home visits for our existing patients with high-risk, complex cases that are enrolled in our care management program.

This is demonstrated through:

  • Increased knowledge of PCP and Specialists treatment plan(s) and its adherence
  • Increased knowledge of medical condition and associated complications
  • Improved self-management skills (proactive) and early identification of exacerbations
  • Increased knowledge of benefits and resources for care
  • Improved access to needed resources through care coordination assistance
  • Decreased hospitalizations and emergency room visits


Telehealth After COPD Hospitalization (TEACH) Program

Cano Health’s TEACH Program (Telehealth After COPDHospitalization), is designed to incorporate both home visits and telehealth, as part of our in-home management of health status for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder. Satisfaction with the care a patient is receiving is important in maintaining motivation and treatment compliance. A blend of telehealth and home visits can provide an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction as well as quality of life while potentially reducing readmission costs for patients with COPD. As soon as an eligible patient is discharged from the hospital and enrolled in Cano Health’s TEACH Program, the patient will receive home visits alternated with telehealth monitoring.

Cano Health, through its “high touch” TEACH program is actively enrolling patients and improving the lives of our members by visiting them in their familiar surroundings, at home.

Benefits include:

  • Alert the healthcare team if there are sudden changes to the patient’s health
  • Evaluate whether a patient has filled their prescription on time or is taking the medication at the appropriate time: improved medication adherence
  • Help the patient link behavior or activities to the onset of symptoms
  • Provide education to help the patient understand their disease and how to better manage their symptoms
  • Improving outcomes and reducing hospital readmissions can be clearly demonstrated and reinforces Cano Health’s commitment to our patients!

Care Management Programs

The primary goal of our care management team, in collaboration with our primary care physicians, is to improve the overall health and quality of life for our patients through the early identification of needs and coordination of care and services for those patients identified as complex or high-risk.

Cano’s Population Care Managers are onsite at each of our Cano Health Medical Centers, and engage with our members face-to-face whenever possible.

Programs include:

  • Disease Management Programs for the following conditions:
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease “COPD”
    • Congestive Heart Failure “CHF”
    • Diabetes
  • High Risk & Complex Care Management Programs
  • Home Visits for patients with medical urgencies and with high-risk, complex care management cases
  • Pre-Enrollment Care Management Assessment Program
  • Telehealth After COPD Hospitalization (TEACH Program)
  • Transition of Care Programs

Our Mission

is to create “best in class” value-based care management programs that deliver cost-effective, high-quality healthcare across a population.

Our Vision

is to become a national leader in population health through the delivery of better outcomes.

Cano Health

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