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Cano Health Opens Three New Medical Centers in South Florida


Miami, FL – (April 24, 2023) – Cano Health, Inc. (“Cano Health” or the “Company”), a leading value-based primary care provider and population health company, announced it has opened three new medical centers throughout South Florida in an effort to reach more patients and introduce its services to a wider population in the market.

These centers are located at (1) 18469 South Dixie Highway in Cutler Bay; (2) 8138 West Broward Boulevard in Plantation; and (3) 1000 Park Centre Boulevard in Miami. The medical centers will offer services such as primary care, wellness, physiotherapy, Xray, and Serenity mental health services.

“As a primary care company focused on improving patient health, Cano Health’s presence in the community plays a vital role in how we connect with and treat our patients,” said Bob Camerlinck, the Company’s Chief Operating Officer. “The opening of these new medical centers expands our presence in our largest market, allowing us to bring many of the services our patients know and trust to more of those who may need it most. We are committed to continuing to be strategic in our growth as we evaluate new opportunities to extend our footprint.”


About Cano Health
Cano Health (NYSE: CANO) is a high-touch, technology-powered healthcare company delivering personalized, value-based primary care to approximately 310,000 members. With its headquarters in Miami, Florida, Cano Health is transforming healthcare by delivering primary care that measurably improves the health, wellness, and quality of life of its patients and the communities it serves. Founded in 2009, Cano Health has more than 4,000 employees, and operates primary care medical centers and supports affiliated providers in nine states and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit or


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