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Preventive Health Screening: What to Know

Many seniors know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay well and to manage the issues one experiences with aging. Many are doing this maintenance on their own – staying active by gardening or taking walks, staying happy by being around friends and loved ones, and eating healthy diets to manage health issues […]


Cardiovascular Specialist vs. Cardiologist: What’s the Difference?

For many people, it can be difficult to determine what level of care is needed and where to receive that care. For seniors living with cardiovascular health issues, developing trust with your medical care providers is extremely important. If you or someone you love is at risk for heart disease, it’s important you understand the […]


Does Medicare Cover Telemedicine?

As the global pandemic hits close to home, with its epicenter being right here in the United States, more and more doctors are looking for ways to keep their patients safe and help stop the spread of the highly contagious novel Coronavirus. Doctors and patients are both turning to technology to help alleviate the need […]


How to Prepare for a Telehealth Visit

Many seniors already use telehealth services. However, telehealth growth in response to COVID-19 has allowed more and more patients to experience the benefits of virtual visits from the safety of their own homes. A telehealth visit can help keep you safe in these uncertain times and has many benefits – especially when offered through Cano […]


Healthy Partners Joins Cano Health, Expanding the Company’s Reach to 20 Florida Counties

MIAMI – Cano Health, a leading population health management company and operator of primary care medical centers, announced today that it has acquired Healthy Partners, one of the most distinguished value-based care provider organizations in the state. The union of Cano Health and Healthy Partners means more Floridians will have access to quality care, as Cano Health continually […]


How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

At Cano Health, we are always looking for ways to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care for our patients. We offer Population Health Management (PHM) programs, because we believe prediction and prevention are the keys to success. We strive to improve our patients’ lives by enrolling them in programs tailored to their medical conditions. This may include […]


Is Telemedicine the New Normal?

As the need for in-home healthcare services skyrockets due to the novel Coronavirus, more and more doctors and patients are connecting with each other online. And more and more patients are turning to their doctors to ask, What is telemedicine? and How can I get a telemedicine appointment?  From telephone and video calls to innovative […]



MIAMI, June 12, 2020 — Cano Health, LLC, a leading population health management company and operator of primary care medical centers in Florida, is advising its patients of a privacy event that may have compromised certain personal information. The company recently learned on April 13, 2020 that three employee email accounts were accessed by an […]


Cano Health Awarded NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition

MIAMI – Cano Health, LLC has been awarded Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The Patient Centered Medical Home is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront. Research shows that PCMHs improve quality and the patient experience, increase clinical staff satisfaction, and reduce health care […]


Senior Fitness Tips and Program Options

As we age, fitness becomes more, not less, important! Yes, this is true even if you are coping with health conditions, even if you are struggling with pain, even if mobility is reduced, and even if you are worried about falling. In short: there is no excuse not to focus on this essential aspect of […]


Why Dental Care Is Important for Seniors

Dental care for seniors is essential – and not just to protect your beautiful smile! Oral health is closely linked to your overall health, and it is just as important to take care of your mouth as it is to take care of your heart and digestive systems. And just like overall health, age does […]


What to Look for When Searching for Senior Primary Care?

Evidence shows that people are living longer than ever – but we are not necessarily living healthier lives. Poor health and the inability to participate in meaningful activities (whether social, recreational, spiritual, communal, physical, etc.) can reduce quality of life. Finding senior primary care that prioritizes the monitoring and management of chronic and age-related conditions […]


How to Choose the Best Senior Medical Center?

As we confront the realities of aging, we tend to focus on eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, making sure we get enough exercise, and countering diminishing vision, hearing, and overall vitality. But we need to be even more proactive by monitoring and managing age-related conditions. Americans are living longer, but that does not necessarily […]


Does Medicare Offer Dental and Vision Coverage?

Vision and dental care are essential at all stages of life. As we age, it becomes even more critical that we receive regular checkups so we can maintain health, diagnose potential conditions before they progress, and live our best lives. But are vision and dental services covered by Medicare? This is a common question, and […]


Cano Health: COVID-19 Response and Treatment

Company leaders Drs. Aguilar and Hernandez are among the authors of clinical paper on understanding COVID-19 treatment approach MIAMI,  May 4, 2020 — Cano Health has long since been prepared to weather a crisis of the magnitude that is now gripping the country with the spread of COVID-19.   More than 1,500 company associates and clinical […]


Does Medicare Cover Chronic Pain Management?

Is chronic pain keeping you from being as active as you would like or impacting your daily life? For too many seniors, the answer is yes. According to the National Institute of Health, 65% of seniors report suffering from pain and 35% say they suffer from chronic pain. Seeking treatment is essential for both our […]


Does Medicare Cover Shoe Orthotics?

There are several types of orthotics, including back braces, and most popularly, shoe orthotics. Shoe orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts that can relieve your foot pain and decrease the likelihood of further health complications related to your foot condition. Your Medicare doctor may decide you need to be prescribed these devices if you have foot […]


7 Ways Seniors Can Manage Diabetes

Did you know that one in every four seniors lives with diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease and often a life-long condition. Diabetes can cause severe health complications and requires careful treatment. Diabetes is a challenge and a risk to seniors, but thankfully managing diabetes is possible. In fact, there are many ways you can […]


How Does Telehealth Improve Patient Care?

We all know the ability to see or talk to a doctor in times of ill health or even times of health is crucial to their overall sense of health and well-being. Knowing that we can check in with our health care professionals, access important services, and be cared for when we need it takes […]