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How to Get Low-Cost Dental Care for Seniors

Often when we think of dental care, the first word that comes to mind is: expensive! Dental care is so important for everyone, but that is especially true for seniors. It can be frustrating that basic dental services that we all need are not naturally covered under most insurance plans. If you were to pay […]

What Senior Dental Services Are Covered by Medicare?

For seniors, routine dental care is essential to overall health and wellbeing. Many health problems can be diagnosed early on by your dentist, which prevents unnecessary health risks and illnesses. As we age, issues like cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease can become more serious and have a bigger impact on our daily lives, affecting […]

Elderly Dental Care: 10 Tips

Taking excellent care of your teeth and gums is important throughout your life. When we are young, we develop healthy habits of daily brushing and flossing to avoid cavities and keep our teeth white and healthy. As we age, taking care of our teeth remains an essential part of our everyday health and hygiene routine. […]

What to Know When Switching Dentist Offices

Many of us have been seeing the same dental provider for many years! That’s why switching dentist offices can seem a little complicated. Many people have a lot of questions when it comes to making a change. How do I switch my dental office? Will there be a lot of paperwork? Will it be expensive […]

Can Seniors Whiten Their Teeth?

Many of the teeth-whitening advertisements we see in magazines and on TV highlight glamorous young people laughing and smiling. It is no wonder we are left confused about who can and who can not whiten their teeth. The fact is, whitening aging yellow teeth can be beneficial for many people when done responsibly and correctly.  […]

What Causes Tooth Loss in Seniors?

The idea of losing our teeth as a result of the natural aging process can be distressing for many people. After a lifetime of routine dental checkups, regular brushing, and flossing and all-around oral hygiene maintenance, tooth loss can be a bit of an upsetting surprise for many. For seniors, tooth loss is a natural […]

How Seniors Can Prevent Periodontal Disease

As we age, many of us are concerned about our oral health as much as we are any other part of our health. Some elderly dental problems include periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease. This disease is common and affects just under 20 percent of all seniors age 65 and older. […]

Cano Health is ranked as the fastest growing Primary Care Provider in the US for the second consecutive year with a growth rate of more than 7,000 percent over three years, according to Inc. magazine

The Miami-based company ranked 39th overall, and 6th in the Health category in the prestigious Inc. 5000 ranking of all private companies in the country. Miami, FL August 18, 2020 – Inc. magazine has recognized Cano Health, LLC, one of nation’s leading operators of senior medical centers and pharmacies, for the second consecutive year as […]

Dentures vs. Implants: Pros and Cons for Seniors

Many of us will deal with the reality of age-related tooth loss sooner or later. For seniors, as many as 70 percent of us will be dealing with tooth loss at the time of this article. It’s a common, but unwelcome, part of aging. Seniors who are losing their teeth have a choice: dentures vs. […]

What Are Care Management Services?

If you or someone you love is living with a chronic illness, you understand the difficulties that arise in everyday life, as well as overall quality and enjoyment of life. Healthcare, even for people in perfect health, can be difficult to manage alone. Missing medications, running out to the pharmacy and waiting in line, having […]

Why Choose a Senior Care Pharmacy

As a senior who cares about your own health, you know how important it is to take your medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. An important part of good health means getting the prescriptions you need to stay healthy or to recover from a health condition. There are many pharmacies to choose from, but […]

Preventive Health Screening: What to Know

Many seniors know the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay well and to manage the issues one experiences with aging. Many are doing this maintenance on their own – staying active by gardening or taking walks, staying happy by being around friends and loved ones, and eating healthy diets to manage health issues […]

Cardiovascular Specialist vs. Cardiologist: What’s the Difference?

For many people, it can be difficult to determine what level of care is needed and where to receive that care. For seniors living with cardiovascular health issues, developing trust with your medical care providers is extremely important. If you or someone you love is at risk for heart disease, it’s important you understand the […]

Does Medicare Cover Telemedicine?

As the global pandemic hits close to home, with its epicenter being right here in the United States, more and more doctors are looking for ways to keep their patients safe and help stop the spread of the highly contagious novel Coronavirus. Doctors and patients are both turning to technology to help alleviate the need […]

How to Prepare for a Telehealth Visit

Many seniors already use telehealth services. However, telehealth growth in response to COVID-19 has allowed more and more patients to experience the benefits of virtual visits from the safety of their own homes. A telehealth visit can help keep you safe in these uncertain times and has many benefits – especially when offered through Cano […]

Healthy Partners Joins Cano Health, Expanding the Company’s Reach to 20 Florida Counties

MIAMI – Cano Health, a leading population health management company and operator of primary care medical centers, announced today that it has acquired Healthy Partners, one of the most distinguished value-based care provider organizations in the state. The union of Cano Health and Healthy Partners means more Floridians will have access to quality care, as Cano Health continually […]

How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

At Cano Health, we are always looking for ways to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care for our patients. We offer Population Health Management (PHM) programs, because we believe prediction and prevention are the keys to success. We strive to improve our patients’ lives by enrolling them in programs tailored to their medical conditions. This may include […]

Is Telemedicine the New Normal?

As the need for in-home healthcare services skyrockets due to the novel Coronavirus, more and more doctors and patients are connecting with each other online. And more and more patients are turning to their doctors to ask, What is telemedicine? and How can I get a telemedicine appointment?  From telephone and video calls to innovative […]


MIAMI, June 12, 2020 — Cano Health, LLC, a leading population health management company and operator of primary care medical centers in Florida, is advising its patients of a privacy event that may have compromised certain personal information. The company recently learned on April 13, 2020 that three employee email accounts were accessed by an […]