Food Intolerance Test

The Cano Food Intolerance Test (F.I.T. Test) will tell us which foods are making you tired, overweight and generally unhealthy. With the F.I.T. test, we can get you back to the real you—the F.I.T. you!

The Cano F.I.T. Test will cover:

  • 357 Items
  • 237 Foods
  • 50 Functional Foods & Medicial Herbs
  • 20 Molds
  • 20 Food Additives/Colorings
  • 20 Antibiotics/Anti-inflammatory Agents
  • 10 Environmental Chemicals

All to tell you what foods are right for your body

Why Do I Need the F.I.T. Test?

The Cano Health F.I.T. test is a great tool for weight loss help, healthy weight management, improved metabolic function, increased energy, and improvement in other conditions. Each test result also includes a customized 4-day rotation plan. Studies have shown that variety in the human diet is very important to health and well-being.

The F.I.T. Test will come with a weight loss planner card that conveniently lists all the reactive foods so you don’t have to carry your results folder to food markets or restaurants.

Want to Lose Weigh Fast?

The Cano Food Intolerance Test has the answers to help you lose weight and feel great!

Finally, You Can Get Your Answers

The “Understanding Your F.I.T. Test Results” booklet is included free with every test result. The booklet explains the format of your food intolerance test results and rotation plan. You will finally be able to have a comprehensive understanding of why you get sleepy, bloated or overweight.

Weight Loss Program + F.I.T. Test = Success

With Cano Health’s weight loss help and the Food Intolerance Test on your side, you are almost guaranteed to lead a healthier, thinner, more active, and illness free life. By combining the know-how of which foods to eat and which to avoid and the active lifestyle and treatment by the weight loss planner program, you are bound to be the healthiest you that you can be.

How To Sign Up Today

Ask your Cano Health doctor about the Food Intolerance Test so that you can get scheduled for it. Some minor blood work is done for the test and then that’s it (your results will come in the mail). Talk to your Cano Health physician and schedule an appointment to find out which foods are affecting you.