Cano's Vision Center

Cano’s Vision Center works in conjunction with Dr. Roberto Beraja, considered among the finest and most experienced ophthalmology specialists in South Florida with more than 25 years of experience. Please call Cano Health with any and all vision questions and to make appointments to see our specialists. Cano Health in conjunction with the Beraja Eye institute makes your vision and eye health our primary concern. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your optometric eye-care needs. Dr. Beraja is a leader in patient care. Our ophthalmologists offer the highest standards of quality and individualized attention in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.

Vision Center

Prescriptions from a Vision Clinic

Prescriptions For Any Style

Don’t let wearing glasses top your fashion sense. Cano’s Vision Clinic carries your favorite brands to complement just about everyone’s style. We have various brands, including: Alpina Professional Eyewear, Diva, Geoffrey Beane, Enni Marco, Nautica, Fendi, Kenneth Cole and more. If you are undecided then just let us know. Our team of expert ophthalmologists is standing by to make sure you look and see well.

Vision Center Annual Checkups

Annual Checkups

It's important for adults 40 and older to have regular eye exams to check for problems. Those with a history of eye problems or who are at risk for developing them should see an eye doctor every year. Regular eye exams are critical for finding disorders like: glaucoma, cataracts, or others.

Eye Care Treatments

We Can Help

Vision care is an important service, so Cano Health in partnership with Beraja Vision now offers a multitude of eye related medical services. Some of the ophthalmological services we offer include: Cataract surgery, Pterygium surgery, droopy eyelids, red eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, macular degeneration, or even just getting fitted with the correct glasses or contacts.

Experience the Cano Convenience

All of Your Vision Specialties under one roof! Get your annual checkups, prescription glasses, and specialty procedures all with the Cano Health Vision Center!

Our Team of Specialists

Both we at Cano Health and are friends at the Beraja Medical Institute agree on highly personalized plans based around our patients. Because we see each person as different, so no treatment option should be exactly the same. And that is where the Cano and the Beraja specialists see “eye to eye.”

Dr. Roberto Beraja

Dr. Roberto Beraja is an ophthalmologist specializing in the diseases and surgery of the eyes. He graduated from the renowned McGill University in 1987. He then co-founded what is now known as the Beraja Medical Institute. Dr. Beraja has performed over 20, 000 ocular microsurgeries and more than 8,000 laser eye surgeries throughout his over 25 years practicing as an ophthalmic surgeon.