Prescription Delivery Services

At Cano Health we have partnered ourselves with a full service pharmacy in order to provide you, the patient, with the most convenient way to ensure that you get healthy. Free prescription delivery. A & A family Pharmacy, located at the South East corner of the intersection of Pines Blvd. and University Drive, is a full service pharmacy that delivers door to door prescriptions.

We at Cano Health teamed up with A &A family Pharmacy in order to see to it that our mission is met, that everyone can get the care that they need. Whether you are a senior or simply unable get to the pharmacy, we will take care of your problem. By ensuring your prescription is filled and delivered, we see it as an extension of our jobs as care providers.

Prescription Delivery

Another Example of the Cano Convenience

At Cano health we know your time is important. We also understand that not all patients are able to get themselves around town for reasons that may have to do with transportation, disability, age, financial situation or convenience. That is why Cano Health has partnered with A & A Family Pharmacy to make sure your needs are met no matter your personal situation.

Flagler Pharmacy:

8300 West Flagler St Suite 165 Miami Fl. 33144
Ph. 305 456 3670
Fax: 3054565784

Kendall Pharmacy:

12600 Sw 120 st suite 110 Miami Fl 33186
Ph. 305 506 1930
Fax: 3055016142

We accept all insurances and have free delivery across Miami-Dade and Broward County.

What Your Prescription Delivered for Free?

Cano offers the ease and convenience of prescription delivery for Free!

Who We Deliver To

It is pretty simple who we deliver to. Did your doctor give you a prescription? Yes? Then you qualify. It is that simple. We know most chronic conditions like arthritis are restrictive for movement, which is one of the many reasons why we partnered with pharmacies to offer this service and at no additional charge for standard delivery.

How Do You Sign Up?

Receiving a prescription from a doctor qualifies you for the service, so come into our offices. After your Cano Health doctor writes your prescription, just ask for the free prescription refill option and after your first prescription pick up, the rest will be delivered right to your home. It’s so easy it doesn’t sound true, so the only way to find out is to try it. We’ll be waiting for you.