Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you have unwanted hair, whether facial or otherwise, Cano health has the technology and the practical expertise to help you remove it. By using state of the art equipment in conjunction with the Nd: YAG laser company, Cano Health will help you remove your unwanted hair and will do so in a way that is prompt, efficient and affordable. We call it our lunchtime laser hair removal method. We know our patients have busy lives and do not want to spend hours waiting and numbing. We also realize that most home treatments are ineffective. At Cano Health’s Laser Hair Treatment facilities, we will show you how we can take care of your unsightly problem, your stubborn or embarrassing follicles and give you the look you desire. Give us a call for a free consultation.

The Benefits

The benefits of laser hair removal using our Nd: YAG laser hair removal system are obvious to anyone who’s used its alternatives. Waxing is both painful and highly ineffective to maintain a smooth hairless appearance. Shaving lasts only a short period of time and creates stubble that can become both itchy, irritating and will snag your clothing. And over the counter products like depilatories can damage your skin. You can avoid all of that with by visiting Cano Health’s Hair Removal Specialists to get you ready for summer or for maintenance all year long.

Cano's Laser Hair Treatment Services

Let’s face it. South Florida is not a good place to try and cover up. Our warm weather keeps most of us in short sleeves most of the year and in shorts and bathing suits on weekends. We recognize that many of our patients find that as they age, they develop unsightly and unwanted hair in parts of their body where it didn’t exist before. Whether it’s the mustache area, under the neck (beard area), legs, bikini, arms, brows, back and or buttocks, we can make sure your unwanted hair is removed efficiently using the finest state of the art equipment. You may have spent years trying to remove unwanted hair by shaving, plucking, or creams. You’re probably ready for something longer term or even permanent. At Cano Health, we use the Nd: Yag laser which produces an intense beam of light that is absorbed specifically by the pigment in your hair follicles. The energy impairs the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin, so that your treated hairs eventually fall out.

Are You Ready for Swimsuit Season?

Cano's Laser Hair Specialists understand the pressure to get your body ready for swimsuit season. Get your laser hair removal treatments started now to get ready just in time for the summer!

Our Team of Specialists

At Cano Health, we take all procedures seriously, which is why as one of South Florida’s leading health centers, we make ensure our staff is trained and doctor supervised for all procedures where it’s cosmetic in nature or medical. Your self-esteem is important to us. Our goal is to combine our highly trained staff with the finest available medical science to help you attain the healthiest and most wonderful version of you.

Dr. Marlow Hernandez

Dr. Marlow Hernandez

Dr. Marlow Hernandez-Cano, D.O., M.P.H. is considered one South Florida’s finest doctors. Upon graduation from Medical School, he chose to grow a beard but found it difficult to maintain especially when trying to shave in the area around his neck, which created constant irritation. That is when he turned to Hair Laser Removal and developed an expertise in the technology.