On the Spot Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Cano Health is committed to your health and your convenience. Many of you have told us how time consuming and detached you have felt when having to visit an independent laboratory for blood draws and other work ups. We want you to know we heard you loud and clear, which is why we have chosen to now perform most if not all of our diagnostic laboratory services in-house. You shouldn’t have to make a separate appointment and be left waiting for more than an hour for a blood draw. At Cano Health’s in-house laboratory facilities, we will make sure that all your panels, blood draws and samples are analyzed and processed with our state of the art equipment. That is why we can say that while most doctors and or medical centers don’t offer in-house laboratory services, we do! And we take pride in being able to offer you the type of service that beats or matches most of the out of town labs.

Another Reason Why We're Better

Cano developed its in-house Diagnostic Laboratory Services with you in mind for these general reasons:

  1. Convenience: - Patients appreciate having everything handled in office during one appointment. And it’s especially convenient for less complex specimens that can be analyzed on the spot.
  2. It’s good medicine - Patients are more likely to follow through with needed Diagnostic Laboratory Services if they don’t have to schedule a second appointment and take additional time off work to comply.
  3. Efficiency: Some lab results, patient-friendly billing and complimentary health coaching make our lab services a cut above.

Choosing diagnostic laboratory services is as important as finding a specific doctor. At Cano Health, we realize we need to keep this as in-house as possible. We want the doctor files on hand and going straight to the physician we recognize as the best, namely our own doctors. Now with top of the line equipment, doctors and cutting edge equipment, your diagnosis will be found quicker than ever.

Need Diagnostic Lab Services?

Never has going to the doctor been easier! Cano offers on the spot lab services that you can take care of in-house after your appointment with a Cano Specialist.

Services We Offer

Our physicians and specialists are a vital part of a patient's healthcare team and oversee laboratory services at Cano Health. In fact, a large portion of the information that a doctor uses to treat patients comes from laboratory services. To assist your physician, we perform screening tests for evaluating your health, provide complex testing for serious life-threatening conditions, consult with your physicians and medical team on test interpretation to choose the most appropriate laboratory testing, process and interpret biopsies, tissue, bone marrow and fine needle aspirations and offer a diagnosis based on your clinical history and specimen workup. Let us help you become healthier by telling you what your body is telling us.