What is Genetic Testing

A significant part of the Cano Healthcare experience is our realization that each patient is unique. Nothing drives that home more emphatically than our DNA screening which separates you from every other human being on earth. Genetic testing allows us to determine how your body may react to certain medicines. It provides us with the ability to know which medicines are best suited for you, which medicines are not recommended and which could register allergies or addictions. This information is vital as we create a treatment plan for each and every patient. At Cano Health, we use the Proove Bioscience Clinical Laboratory Testing Service. Proove Biosciences is the leading personalized pain medicine laboratory that provides proprietary genetic testing services to help physicians improve outcomes for patients and contain costs for insurers. It’s our way of improving pain medicine selection, dosing, and proper prescriptions. From a simple cheek swab collected in the office, Proove performs proprietary genetic tests in its CLIA-certified laboratory to identify your risk tolerance for metabolic problems as well as health optimization.

Genetic Testing

Learn Valuable Information with Genetic Testing

Discover the unique aspects of your DNA that make you more or less susceptible to specific illnesses and medication side effects.

The Many Ways Genetic Testing Can Benefit You

Each and every one of us is biologically predisposed to a certain reaction to chemicals, drugs and medications in our body. The purpose of genetic testing is to find out which medication is best for you. Genetic testing helps us determine which medication to use or “not use” when treating our patients. The answer is not found in a book, but rather in your own body. We allow your body’s DNA to tell us the best way to treat you. Some genetic tests reveal congenital diseases, determine the severity of diseases and may allow us to react to less apparent ailments and stop them before they become more severe. The information you learn from DNA testing can often be passed on to your children as a way of preventing similar, perhaps not exact, reactions to medication.

How to Get Your Testing Done Today

At Cano Health, we know how important it is for our patients to complete genetic screening prior to prescribing medication. Too often, patients undergo the rigors of trial and error with medications that simply don’t work, or worse, medications that result in terrible side effects. At Cano Health, we aim to get it right the first time with a complete genetic test. Within a week of your blood draw, we know which medication you may need to avoid and which medication is best for you. The test is completed within a few minutes and is conducted in the comfort of one of our consultation rooms at any one of our Cano centers.

Genetic Testing

Is This Expensive?

Many insurance companies cover Cano’s Genetic testing, in conjunction with Proove laboratory analysis and results. We are happy to assist you if your insurance does not provide coverage. We’ll work with you to design a payment plan and of course, we accept all major credit cards. Please feel free to discuss payment options with a Cano representative.