Dentures Make a Difference

Dentures do not simply provide cosmetic benefits. Dentures allow many with missing or diseased and decaying teeth the support their face needs. They support facial muscles, which will stop the sagging caused by missing teeth. All you will need is a comfortable fit. At Cano Dental, our specialists know that uncomfortable fitting dentures are something that bothers many people who may have experienced the older and less comfortable dentures. But, Cano Dental uses top of the line technology to advance and further more comfortable dentures for a more diverse and individual patient list. Because at Cano Health, we are patient driven.


The Benefits


There are a multitude of benefits to wearing dentures:

  • For esthetic reasons
  • To reduce the pressure on the other teeth
  • Reduce the chances of getting jaw problems
  • To prevent changes to the bite as teeth can move when there is a gap
  • To help keep the other teeth more cleansable and therefore reduce decay and gum problems
  • For speech
  • To help with chewing

Let's Make It Happen Today

Whether you need a partial plate or a complete denture set, a well-rounded mouth is an absolute. So schedule an appointment with our specialists at Cano Dental. Because dentures are more than a cosmetic issue, they’re a health issue. We are doctor owned, but patient focused, so we are always prepared to go the extra mile for you and we want to ensure your long term comfort and well-being. So come to our offices, you’ll love your new smile.

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