Bridges & Crowns

Bridges and Crowns

Restorative dentistry is the field of dentistry that is concerned with the replacement or repair of missing or damaged teeth. Bridgework and crowns fall under this category. Cano Dental specialists’ goal in this to not only fix the cosmetic features of your smile but also the promoting of healthier teeth which encourage better oral habits. Bridges and crowns are an ideal way to fix broken or diseased teeth and creating a smile that is just about permanent. So let us look at you so that you can chew, speak, and smile normally and comfortably again.


Bringing Back Function


Besides fixing your smile and your confidence, bridges and crowns also allow you to chew and speak properly, maintain support of your face, prevent teeth from further drifting. So if you are unconfident in your smile, feel mouth pain caused by your missing or broken teeth; then you should talk to a Cano Dental specialist.


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