Cano's Dental Plan

In 2009, Cano Health decided to re-launch itself as “The Healthcare with a Plan.” Following the Great Recession, we noticed a great many who were uninsured and under insured. So we Launched the Cano Medical Dental Plan as a way to provide healthcare to those who otherwise might not get it. The Dental portion of the plan offers free consultations with no co pay, dental examinations, dental cleanings, oral x-rays are all offered as part of the plan. We also offer a 25 percent discount on extra services not covered by the plan. Speak with our representatives or our doctors about more info on signing up for this plan.

Who Qualifies For the Cano Dental Plan?

Anyone who can afford it qualifies for the Cano Health Medical Dental Plan. And the good news is, it costs only a dollar a day. So for one dollar a day for a year, patients will have access to 2 dental cleanings, oral x rays, and dental examinations, free consultations for recommended oral procedures, and a further 25 percent off of extra services not covered by the plan but offered at the Cano Health facility. The Cano Health Medical Dental Plan was created as an option for the uninsured, but has become a quality healthcare program on its own.

The Benefits

The low cost and the setup of the Medical Dental Plan encourages routine checkups in order to promote health and mitigate serious illnesses. Add to this our state of the art facility which includes specialists ranging from orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry or even if you need to visit into the medical side, the Medical Dental Plan will cover almost all your needs or at least make them affordable. Now with two locations, we can share this plan to even more patients. The benefits only get better.

Why We Offer The Plan

The Medical Dental Plan was implemented in the wake of the Great Recession. We saw that many patients just couldn’t afford healthcare, so we made it affordable by offering a plan that cost less than a dollar a day. The plan was so successful that we still use it to this day to take in patients who are uninsured or underinsured.