The Cano Concept

Dr. Lourdes M. Cano founded Cano Health in 2002 in Pembroke Pines as Cano Family Dental. Within two years, the center went from offering general dentistry to all outpatient dental specialties. The clinic’s reputation for clinical excellence and personalized care brought about rapid growth, spearheaded by Dr. Cano's son, Marlow Hernandez, upon graduation from business and medical school.

The early years were difficult for the Cano family, as they operated on extremely tight budgets. However, by the end of the “Great Recession,” Cano Health was operating one of the busiest and most prestigious medical centers in South Florida. It is one of the few outpatient healthcare organizations to hold JAHCO accreditation, major academic affiliations, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Presently, Cano Health operates medical centers and dental centers in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Cano Health's founding partner, Rick Sanchez, who is considered a South Florida icon, spearheads Cano's community outreach and marketing efforts.

Our Doctors

Cano Health takes pride in hiring the finest doctors and physician's assistants in South Florida. All Cano’s clinicians are dedicated to their patients and their professions in a way that matches or surpasses the dedication of most primary care centers. Why? Because at Cano, the difference is in the “Plus.” Our doctors and P.A.’s understand that Primary Care by itself is not enough— we must go the extra mile for our patients. Cano’s team of professionals will guide you through quality care, while also providing services not typically found at most primary care facilities. Whether it’s venous specialties, endocrinology, in-house lab work ups, allergies, arthritis, pediatrics, vision care, chiropractic medicine or more—the Cano Primary Care Plus difference will convince you to keep us as your trusted providers for years to come. Be sure and watch for us on TV in Miami, New York or San Juan, Puerto Rico sharing health and lifestyle tips.

Our Goal

Cano Health establishes and operates "Primary Care Plus" healthcare centers to improve the lives of individual, families, and communities in order to fundamentally save America's ailing healthcare system. We do so by developing and implementing protocols which allow for the provision of specialty medical services within the primary care setting. We have effectively created the "Primary Care Plus" model meets our revenue needs while decreasing waste. Cano Health will continue to grow beyond South Florida establishing itself as the "go-to" center for health news and information. Cano Health's founding partner, Rick Sanchez who is considered a South Florida icon, spearheads Cano's community outreach and marketing efforts.

Why Choose Us?

At a time when most medical centers focus on specialization and too many patients don’t even know their own doctors—nor do they know where to turn for medical information or care—Cano Health provides concierge treatment for all your health and medical needs.

Cano has expanded its HMO growth rate by 110 percent, proving that when it comes to senior care—we’re a South Florida favorite. But it’s not only seniors who appreciate our level of excellence. Whether you’re in need of walk-in care, pediatric care, urgent care, cosmetic treatment, chiropractic care or dental care; we are here for you!